Here we go again with the next-generation MINI rumours. These latest images from our usual spy photographers in Europe reveal the F56 MINI three-door hatchback’s new body shape and surprise, surprise, it’s set to grow in size again. The long front overhang especially looks very un-MINI like, but the rest of the car follows the same MINI formula we know and love.

The front fascia looks to take some inspiration from the Rocketman Concept from a few years ago, with an upright grille and more angled-back headlamps. The plastic claddings around the car are thicker this time round, and the rear lamps appear larger too. We’re talking small detail changes here of course, as there certainly isn’t much leeway when it comes to designing a new MINI.

There’s supposed to be drastic changes underneath though. The front-wheel drive platform is co-developed and shared with the BMW 1 Series GT (which has been previewed as the Concept Active Tourer), and the engine range will feature BMW’s new turbocharged three-cylinder motors. Four-cylinder Prince engines may live on in certain high-powered models, at least to start with.


We’ve already seen the new MINI’s centre speedo-less interior before, and now we get a closer look at the centre console in low (small monochrome screen) and high spec (larger colour display) forms. The row of toggles below the rotary air-con knobs is particularly interesting, as the red stalk looks like to be the engine start/stop switch. You can also see a new-style automatic gearknob in the high spec test car.

The next generation MINI reveal is still a few months away at the very least, and it will have a longer five-door variant soon after. With more BMW influence in its interior and engine bay, the MINI looks to be growing up both in size and character. We just hope it’ll still have enough MINI in it to attract those wearing miniskirts rather than power suits.