You’ve seen the pix of the car, and now here’s what the BMW i3 electric vehicle looks like on the move – our tireless European spy guys have been busy with their cameras, catching the car undergoing field evaluation trials not just in photos, but on video as well.

Despite the usual disguise, the video reveals that a number of near-production mules are plying on the miles around Munich – there are red and white coloured examples seen in the clip.

Set for its debut in Frankfurt in September, the BMW i3 will be available in two versions – a pure EV model and a 650 cc petrol range-extender variant. Operational range in its all-electric form is between 130 and 160 km, while the RE version will offer up to 300 km of travel. It has also been indicated that when it debuts, the i3 will be priced along the lines of a ‘well-equipped’ BMW 3 Series.