Something’s in the air, a contest possibly tied to an upcoming car launch. Reader YF Chong sent us a mail with a link to a site called What Is Project C – apparently, there’s a contest to hazard a guess as to what Project C is, with the answer to be known later this month.

So how do we know it might be about a new car? Well, there are five clues to help you guess, and four have already been revealed; these kind of steer things in – the first a rocket and a countdown (to launch, yes?), the second a dateline (07.2013, which would make it July), the third containing elements of the South Korean flag and the fourth an outline of a car. Guess the last one sort of cements it.

projectc teaser

Up to be won is what is termed “an innovative prize worth RM100,000,” which could mean the vehicle itself. In terms of car launches coming up, the likelihood is that this is a contest involving the Kia Cerato.

The car has already been spotted undergoing type approval, so we know it’s here, and in all likelihood the remaining clues shoehorns it in: Korean, starts with a C, that sort of thing (guess we also know it’s launching in July then).

Whatever the case may be, the size of the prize isn’t to be sneered at, so if you’re intrigued by what Project C is all about and fancy snaring the potential RM100k catch, this is where you can find out more.