BMW is preparing both M versions of the 3-Series and 4-Series, as seen here on the Nurburgring where both cars were sighted recently. In case you need to be reminded what an M4 is supposed to be, the 3-Series Coupe and its accompanying M3 Coupe is no more, now renamed as the 4-Series and M4 respectively.

If you look closely, it would appear that BMW is once again giving the sedan version of the M3 the face of the coupe, from the shape of the headlamps and the kidney grilles. It also looks like LED headlamps will be available on the M3, a feature that’s not available on the 3-Series as of yet. The roof of the M3 is camo-ed as well, but we can make out a shapely carbon fibre roof that’s recessed in the middle, a feature that’s supposed to help with aerodynamics.


The new M engine that’s to be found in the M3 and M4 is expected to be derived from BMW’s new 500 cc per cylinder engine family that we previewed as a three-cylinder sometime last year.

In last year’s presentation, BMW revealed that each cylinder in the new family would be able to produce up to roughly 67 horsepower and 90 Nm for petrol engines. Multiply that by six cylinders and we’re looking at at least a potential 402 horsepower and 540 Nm torque output for the new M3 and M4 – who knows, the M division might be able to squeeze out even more power!

GALLERY: BMW M3 Sedan on the Nurburgring

GALLERY: BMW M4 Coupe on the Nurburgring