Goodyear Assurance TripleMax-8

Goodyear Malaysia officially launched the Assurance TripleMax tyre in KL this afternoon. The Assurance TripleMax (ATM) plays in the mid-range segment, the biggest tyre segment in Malaysia sandwiched by the performance (Eagle) and value (Duraplus) classes. Replacing the Assurance Fuel Max in Goodyear’s local tyre range, the TripleMax goes up against Bridgestone’s Turanza and Continental’s PremiumContact tyres.

Developed with the ASEAN region and our unique requirements in mind (think tropical thunderstorms and potholes), the Goodyear ATM features Hydrogrip tech, which provides “maximum” wet grip, control and braking ability.

Wet grip, which emerged as the top priority of consumers in Goodyear’s survey, is improved here with a functionalised polymer tread compound, while a wide face cavity provides a larger contact area for better control. Biting edges with larger blocks further increases contact area for better braking performance.

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax-2

The ATM’s headline selling point is wet braking performance. Goodyear claims that ATM stops over two metres shorter in the wet than two “leading global competitors” (80 to 20 km/h, 205/55 R16, Toyota Auris) in a test done by TUV SUD Automotive. Identities of the two rivals weren’t given, but the presentation bars show red and yellow – you make the conclusion.

In addition, the ATM features Goodyear’s trademark DuPont Kevlar reinforcement for added protection against road hazards. The new tyre also incorporates Fuel Saving Technology, which reduces rolling resistance for savings that can go up to RM667.80, or 318 litres of fuel at current prices, over the tyre’s lifespan, it is claimed.

Like many new tyres, this one claims to push the envelope on opposing fronts without compromise. “The ATM is Goodyear’s response to deliver to consumers a tyre they’ve always wanted – one which focuses on increasing grip to improve safety, while also extending tyre lifespan and maximising fuel savings,” said Ivy Peng, MD of Goodyear Malaysia.

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If the above sounds good, this might seal the deal. Goodyear is offering buyers of the ATM what it calls the “Worry Free Assurance” programme, which offers buyers one-for-one replacement for damaged tyres caused by road hazards such as nails, broken glass or those bloody potholes. Valid for purchases made from now till December 31 at participating Goodyear dealers, the protection will be for six months.

There are T&Cs, of course. Goodyear says that one-for-one replacement is for damaged tyres with more than 6.7 mm of tread depth. For busted rubber with tread depth of between 5.5 to 6.6 mm, Goodyear will credit against the purchase of a similar tyre. Credit value will be based on a preset claim chart. Get full details at your local Goodyear dealer.

Imported from Thailand, the new Goodyear Assurance TripleMax is available in sizes ranging from 185/60 R15 to 225/55 R17. No price increase from the Assurance Fuel Max, so RRP starts from RM270 per tyre.