Volkswagen Group Malaysia has just issued a new price list for its entire lineup, with a majority of its models receiving a higher pricetag than before. Refer to the table below for the full model list, their old and new prices, as well as the differences between them.

As you can see, all Volkswagen models bar the Polo Sedan, Golf R, Eos, Passat (CKD), Passat Sport (CBU) and Passat CC R-Line have incurred price hikes, as much as RM6,000 in the case of the Touareg V6. The Polo 1.2 TSI is now RM1,000 dearer, while the Golf 1.4 TSI Mk7’s price has been upped by RM2,000.


Even the recently launched Golf GTI Mk7 suffers a swelling in price, with both the three-door Pure and five-door Advanced variants taking a RM2,000 hit each, to now retail at RM211,888 and RM219,888 respectively. The RM10,000 Tech Pack remains unchanged, so the price for a full-spec Golf GTI Mk7 is now RM229,888, before you factor in the extra RM3,000 19-inch ‘Santiago’ wheel option.

Volkswagen Group Malaysia has issued an official response to our query as to why this range-wide price increase is being issued, which you can read here. Previously, VGM cited “pricing re-evaluations by the authorities” as the cause of price hikes for the Polo GTI last year and the Passat CC in 2011.