Daihatsu FC Deck-2

Some final musings on stuff from the 2013 TMS that we overlooked earlier – the Daihatsu FC Deco Deck Concept, which took centre stage alongside the Kopen Concept and Deca Deca at the automaker’s stand, explores a next-gen fuel cell vehicle, one with the ability to provide a mobile electric supply.

The quaint-looking two-seater is equipped with a compact, low-cost fuel generator, with a 35 kW precious-metal-free liquid-feed fuel cell stack at the heart of it all. The liquid fuel, meanwhile, goes by the name CleaN2 Fuel.

Measuring 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide and 1,985 mm tall, and riding on 165/55 tyres and 15-inch wheels, the FC Deco Deck is also able to offer external pep – it can tote FC Docks (in two sizes, no less) to help generate electricity for an assortment of uses.

There’s the 05c version of the generator, which is a portable unit. One simply puts bottled liquid fuel in the unit, and the unit is good for juice on the go. There’s also the 20c model, which is a larger static duty unit for multi-appliance applications, be it indoor, outdoor or emergency use. It can even juice up EVs, if need be.