Customisation is all the rage today among premium car makers. Mercedes has its designo programme, while BMW and Audi have their Individual and exclusive lines respectively. For McLaren customers, there’s McLaren Special Operations (MSO). This latest McLaren MSO 12C Concept showcases the possibilities offered by its bespoke programme.

Additions include a revised bonnet, front wing louvres, rear wing vents, a unique Airbrake and a new roof featuring an integrated snorkel channelling air to the engine, all crafted in carbon-fibre. Titanium wheel bolts, along with oil and water filler caps, shed weight too. Inside, there’s a carbon-fibre instrument cluster with integrated shift lights.

McLaren Special Operations offers a unique kind of customisation for Macca customers – so much so that instead of MSO outlining what it can do for you, it simply asks, “what would you have MSO produce?” After all, when you’re already spending North of RM2 million on a new 12C, what’s another hundred thousand or two to you, right?

People say that money can’t buy individuality. With MSO, apparently you can.