Undoubtedly wanting to make a significant contribution to the Volkswagen Group’s aim of becoming the world’s biggest car manufacturer by 2018, Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) has set its sights on a very lofty goal – to sell 20,000 units in 2014.

This is more than double the 2013 sales figure – last year the company sold 9,528 units, a dip from its sales record of 12,003 units in 2012. The ambitious target was announced by VGM’s newly-appointed managing director Christoph Aringer at a press conference yesterday.

Volkswagen_Jetta_1.4_TSI_ 012

Playing a big role in VGM’s aggressive push for more volume will be its brace of locally-assembled models, which are expected to account for about 65% of the total sales figure. The company currently assembles the Passat and the Polo sedan and hatchback at DRB-Hicom’s automotive complex in Pekan, Pahang. The Jetta CKD will soon make it four, as confirmed by VGM’s local-assembly partner last month.

Also announced are the company’s plans to increase local content in its locally-assembled cars – with the Polo hatchback (which Volkswagen Group Malaysia predicts will sell 3,500 units a year) eventually reaching at least 40% local content status – which would allow it to gain import duty exemptions in other ASEAN countries. One of the planned equipment changes is a switch from the Indian-sourced Apollo tyres the car is currently sold with to locally-made Goodyear items.