Reader AVH has very kindly sent in a photo of the second-gen Hyundai i30 on a trailer – a strong indication that the five-door hatch is finally going to launch in Malaysia.

We say “finally” because this GD generation isn’t exactly new, having made its global debut in Frankfurt in 2011. Conceived in Europe, the C-segmenter (and its Kia cee’d sibling) goes up against the likes of the VW Golf, Ford Focus, Honda Civic hatch and Toyota Auris, while being sold in the US as the Elantra GT. There are also three-door hatch and estate bodystyles.

You saw the car at KLIMS13 – the display unit had a 145 PS/175 Nm 1.8 litre Nu MPI engine and a six-speed auto. A 2.0 litre GDI engine (same as the i40‘s) is available elsewhere – whether that would be introduced here remains to be seen.

Kit should include a panoramic glass roof, smart welcome system, Flex Steer, a hidden reverse camera, electric parking brake and leather seats, amongst others. Oh, six airbags and ESP, of course.

The first-gen Hyundai i30 didn’t exactly fly off the shelves after its launch in Malaysia in 2009; it’s up to this new baby to change things.

Hyundai i30 previewed at KLIMS13