Audi praesentiert die Studie auf der Peking Motor Show 2014.

Audi has released these three sketches of its show car that will be shown at the upcoming 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, also known as Auto China 2014. The Ingolstadt firm refused to divulge any supporting information, but looking at the drawings, we can make our own predictions.

First of all, it doesn’t look all that different to the earlier Audi allroad shooting brake concept that was displayed at Detroit last year, albeit with two extra doors and a sleeker, more coupe-like roof profile. It’s very much like a four-door third-gen Audi TT in a crossover-style body. We like.

Click to enlarge.

The massive deep-dish wheels housed within heavily bolstered arches do wonders for the swoopy proportions. We could only hope that the sketches are a good representation of the actual concept, and that the production car inspired by will stay true to it. When or if it happens, that is.

One possibility is that Audi is previewing a more dynamic Q4 model that could fit in above the Q3 compact SUV. Looking at its TT roots, it will likely be built on the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform, instead of the Q3’s out-dated PQ35 base. Fancy a sporty four-door coupe Audi SUV, anyone?