ford lightweight 1

Ford has unveiled a Lightweight Concept based on a Fusion (Mondeo) platform, the weight of which has been stripped down by around 25% to nearly that of a Fiesta. No specific mention of numbers, but a Fiesta 1.5 Sport tips the scales at about 1,125 kg.

The vehicle, powered by a 1.0 litre EcoBoost mill, is a research extension on future light-weighting and advanced materials applications, building on that learnt from the development of the new F-150, which shed up to 700 pounds through the use of high-strength steel and aluminium alloys.

The Lightweight Concept features a blend of materials such as aluminium, ultra-high strenght steel, chemically-toughened glass, magnesium, carbon-fibre and advanced lightweight plastics, incorporating these into the entire design of the vehicle, including powertrain, chassis, body, battery and interior features such as seats, which are made of carbon-fibre.

The mixed-materials study was developed with the US Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Program, together with Cosma International, a subsidiary of Magna International. The latter’s design and development of the multi-material body-in-white, closures and chassis components provided a significant contribution in light-weighting the concept vehicle.