Yikes. Just a couple of days after we saw the Acura/Honda NSX prototype roaring around the Nürburgring, we now have pictures of the very same car burnt to a crisp on the side of the track. A bit too enthusiastic chasing that Mark IV Toyota Supra, perhaps?

Apparently, witnesses saw flames sprouting from the rear of the car as it was driving around the track. The NSX eventually pulled to a stop at Pflanzgarten and both occupants escaped without injury, before the fire swiftly engulfed the vehicle.

This shows that the advanced Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) might still need some time to get some teething issues ironed out. The system mates a mid-mounted VTEC direct-injected V6 with an electric motor and a dual clutch transmission to drive the rear wheels, while a pair of motors drive the front wheels and can provide instant positive or negative torque as needed when cornering.

As previously reported, the new NSX is slated to be unveiled before the end of the year and will be built at the new US$70 million (RM222 million) Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio in 2015, although whether this new development has set back Honda’s plans remains to be seen.

This NSX is just the latest in a string of supercars that are prone to catching fire – earlier this year, two Porsche 911 GT3s were set alight which prompted Porsche to replace all customer engines, while in 2010, a spat of Ferrari 458 Italia fires resulted in a recall involving 1,248 units of the Maranello exotic.

So I suppose the NSX has already started earning its supercar credentials even before launch day, eh?