Proton only released a single full exterior shot of the Proton Compact Car over the Merdeka weekend, in which the car was painted in green. This probably means green will be the ‘hero’ colour for the car, used in ad campaigns. We also know that there’ll be at least black, blue, white and of course by logic, the absolutely necessary silver exterior colours for the car.

Rendering whiz Theophilus Chin decided to have some fun with the teaser image by changing the car’s colour to a variety, and enlarging the wheels. These aren’t official PCC colours. The black and blue could be close to what the production car will offer, but we haven’t seen a red prototype on test yet, and wow, that yellow! Will Proton offer yellow for those who love yellow on their Myvi SE and Myvi Extreme so much?

What’s your favourite Proton Compact Car colour?