We all (at least for this writer) occasionally like to imagine ourselves playing the role of a professional racer when we are within the private confines of our own car. Not that we condone street racing but when the odd, interesting corner shows up on an empty road, what’s wrong with taking it slightly faster than normal?

With the Renault R.S. Monitor 2.0, one can be assured of a more immersive racing experience without the need to fabricate induction noises via one’s own vocal chords. Available on the Renault Clio RS 200 EDC and the Renault Megane RS 265, it picks up from the success of the first iteration of the R.S. Monitor.

The system works in tandem with the R-Link platform and displays telemetry data along with live information on the car itself, from torque and engine power delivered to steering angle and vital readings pertaining water, engine oil and transmission oil temperature. The mandatory stopwatch function features additional readouts.

Along with the R.S. Drive feature, – which enables three software maps from Normal, Sport and Race to be selected – the R.S. Monitor 2.0 also provides data on G-forces during longitudinal and lateral acceleration, the amount of power distributed by the limited-slip differential plus many more.

Here’s where things get a tad more interesting. Accompanying the R.S. Monitor 2.0 feature is the R.S. Replay online community. Think of it as a Facebook spin-off for Renault drivers and you’re not too far off. By creating a personal account on the R.S. Replay website, one can upload his/her track times for all to admire.


How exactly do you upload said data? By plugging in a USB into the car, drivers can record their track times and corresponding telemetry information and upload it onto their respective profiles. Individuals even have the option to create their own circuit on a computer and upload said configuration into the system.

The car’s navigation system will then process the “track” and start the stopwatch when the driver approaches the “starting line” and ends it when the “finish line” is crossed. Once completed, feel free to post your achievement online. There’s even an option to share your own circuit with other members.

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