The new Malaysian spec Hyundai Sonata LF comes with a double-din touchscreen head unit powered by Android KitKat. It’s standard on the Elegance and Executive variants, with only the basic Elegance B variant getting a normal radio/CD/MP3 head unit. The head unit is a locally sourced head unit, not the official Hyundai BlueLink unit which supports features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Other than the relatively new version of Android, what’s most interesting to us is the availability of the Google Play app store and the fact that the head unit does not shut off when you drive. This means there should be absolutely no issues downloading Waze from Google Play and using it when you drive.

We decided to head over to the Hyundai 3S centre in Glenmarie to record a short video playing around with the head unit. Other than Waze, we also tried the Youtube app and the web browser. While there’s no built in SIM card, the head unit has Wifi connectivity so it can access your phone or MiFi device’s hotspot.