Audi hasn’t quite revealed the second generation R8 in full yet, but they’ve gone and released a video of the new supercar in action on the Ascari track driven by Audi test driver Frank Stippler. The variant he’s driving in the video above is the V10 Plus, which is the top of the range 610 hp version.

The other variant available from launch is the ‘vanilla’ V10, which at 540 horsepower is no slouch either. There’s no smaller engine from launch, but we hear the possibility of a V8 and an e-tron version in the future. Did we mention the V10 is still normally aspirated? Very interesting in a world where even Ferrari’s 488 GTB has gone turbo, not to mention the rest of the Audi passenger car range.

The R8’s quattro system is now able to drive 100% of available power to either the front or rear axles. The steering system is now EPS instead of hydraulic, which might raise some eyebrows.