A shot of the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser facelift has leaked online via a series of brochure scans – or has it? In a video uploaded by Almuraba, scans of the aforementioned brochure and a sole shot of its front fascia were featured. Not much else can be deduced from the minute-long clip as it was in Arabic.

With that said, contradicting reports from Carscoops have thrown its authenticity into doubt as the portal claims that the aforementioned front shot has been graphically tampered with – the headlights, front grille and bumper do not appear to correlate. Additional scans procured by Carscoops have, however, detailed additional changes around the car.

Should one decide to trust that this is indeed the real thing, the refreshed Land Cruiser will sport wildly-reworked headlights that appear to be segmented by protruding bars, themselves originating from the front grille. Elsewhere, a restyled front bumper and bonnet design will feature as part of the aesthetic updates.

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The rear of the allegedly refreshed 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser facelift will sport new LED combination taillights. As for the interior, expect a redesigned instrument cluster to feature, along with added rear seat entertainment in the form of relatively large tablet-like screens.

So are these brochure scans enough to warrant a more serious look into the possibility of this being the real deal? We’re not too sure ourselves and until Toyota issues something more concrete, we’ll keep everything open-ended for now.

GALLERY: Toyota Land Cruiser 70