More news regarding the oft-reported Lotus SUV – this time with concerns about its performance. It’s no secret that the sports car manufacturer from Hethel will be looking to introduce its first-ever crossover in 2019 but now more details have been disclosed surrounding the unnamed model.

According to Auto Express UK, the new crossover will be introduced as a China-only model at first. Should said crossover become a sales success, Lotus could very well bring it over to Europe and, of course, its home market of England in the subsequent five years to come.

“The first market will be China but we haven’t yet decided if it will be sold anywhere else. But obviously if the car is a success there – and I strongly believe it will – we will go outside of China,” said Lotus CEO, Jean-Marc Gales. Aside from that, he has also fired the first warning shot to the model’s arch rival, the Porsche Macan, by openly declaring that “ours will be better.”

Porsche Macan drive 1

While exact specifications remain murky, the crossover will be expected to weigh around 200 kg less than the Macan, which in S trim, tips the scales at 1,865 kg. Apart from that, it has been reported that Gales is keen to maintain his relationship with Toyota – expect the 3.5 litre V6 to feature as a result. Additional info include the possibility of a hybrid version to cater to the Chinese market.

Should the Lotus SUV hit Europe, a diesel engine has been mooted to sit under its bonnet, making it the first-ever diesel-powered Lotus model in the marque’s history. Assembly of the Lotus SUV is scheduled to begin once licences have been granted. Earlier, Lotus’ owner, DRB-Hicom, signed a joint venture agreement with Lotus Group and Goldstar Heavy Industrial to assemble Lotus cars in a new facility in south-east China.

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