This is the tall boy of tall boys, the Toyota Pixis Mega. The new kei car to hit Japan is banking on two selling points – excellent driver visibility and a spacious interior.

To provide that, the Pixis Mega has a class-leading cabin height of 1,455 mm, which will accommodate four adults comfortably. That’s coupled with a door height of 1,700 mm for easy access by young children and the elderly. There are two one-touch electric sliding doors.

Toyota says that despite the mini car’s lanky height of 1,835 mm, the suspension and body structure have been designed to ensure stable handling. Stiffer suspension as a result of larger shock absorbers coupled with the use of stabilisers are included, while optimised sheet thickness for the roof panel and plastic construction for the back door and front fender reduce weight and lower the Pixis’ center of gravity.


Aerodynamic fins, which improve stability at high speeds, are built into the door mirrors and rear lamps.

The eye-point has been set at 1,387 mm, similar to that of a minivan. And to make the Pixis Mega an even easier car to drive, there’s an extra passenger-side mirror below the regular wing mirror for better visibility, especially when parking. Mirrors have also been placed in the upper interior sections of the rear doors, improving visibility behind the vehicle.

The Pixis Mega, which is Daihatsu-based and supplied to Toyota by Daihatsu Kyushu, is powered by a 660 cc three-cylinder engine in both naturally aspirated (52 PS) and turbocharged (64 PS) forms. As is the norm in Japan, 4WD is also available. Prices start from 1,350,000 yen (RM41,484).

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