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Yes, Proton’s 30th anniversary is finally here, and to celebrate the milestone, the national carmaker is giving away special deals and rebates, one of which will be of particular interest to current Proton owners.

From now until September 30, customers who turn 30 this year (born in 1985) will be eligible for a RM3,000 rebate on all models. Existing Proton owners who trade in their cars will also receive a RM100 for each year of their vehicle’s age, under the company’s Loyalty Programme.

Additionally, the “lowest range” of the Proton Saga – likely the Saga SV 1.3 M/T – will be priced at RM30,000 on-the-road inclusive of insurance, which would be a RM3,242 saving over the retail price of the SV manual.


“With all these promotions, there will also be a special fund which we have set up, to put in RM30 for every Proton car sold as we would like to share the significant moment with those unfortunate,” said CEO Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah. “We shall look at three charitable bodies which will be the recipient of the fund towards the end of this year.

“This is a special year for us, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Throughout the years you’ve been with us and you know the meaning and significance of having a home-grown car manufacturer, its contribution to the society and development of the country. Proton will always remain responsive to the needs of our customers and will adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.”