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It looks like performance brands are looking towards hybrid power as the main source of inspiration for cleaner and more powerful variants in the near future. So far, Mercedes-AMG and Renault Sport have already stated their intentions in this regard, and now Polestar, Volvo’s performance tuning hub (now fully-owned by the Swedish brand) is also joining the fray.

Speaking to Drive Australia, Lars Lagstrom, product manager for Volvo International, believes there is an opportunity for Polestar to even rival Tesla with performance models that will truly break the mould.

“We know Polestar do unique high performance cars. We’re not targeting AMG or BMW M models,” Lagstrom said. “Volvo is a big producer of plug-in hybrids, we work a lot with plug-in hybrids so we would go into a different road than the other brands.”

It is believed that the XC90 SUV, specifically the T8 Twin Engine plug-hybrid, will be the main model to get the next Polestar treatment. Currently it uses a supercharged and turbocharged 315 hp four-cylinder petrol engine that is complemented by an 80 hp electric motor. Expect even greater performance figures and enhanced handling prowess once Polestar gets its hands on it.

“With the new T8 plug-in hybrid, we know what the likes of Tesla has done with that electric performance,” Lagstrom said. “It would make sense for the XC90 to be the first recipient, but I don’t know what’s happening on that front,” he admitted.