Following on from the release of several spyshots of the G31 BMW 5 Series Touring, our team of carparazzi have uncovered yet another batch of its sedan variant, the G30 BMW 5 Series, undergoing testing. Though we’ve seen the mules prior to this, this will mark the first time we’re getting a glimpse of the G30 sedan with its updated, production-spec head and tail lights.

From what we can gather, the G30 BMW 5 Series will likely adopt a softer, more fluid shape for its headlight assembly – following on from the design of its bigger brother, the G11/G12 BMW 7 Series. As such, expect LED headlights to be featured as standard with the marque’s Laserlight with Selective Beam system presented as a cost option. While not visible here, the fog lamps should be an all-LED affair, as well.

At the rear, one can almost make out the presence of the L-shaped LED taillights – another cue adopted from the sixth-generation 7er. Safe to say then, that when the G30 premieres, we could be looking at a miniature 7 Series. Which is no bad thing unless its new rear end happens to remind you of a certain Japanese D-segment sedan that’s been recently given a facelift.


Of course, as the months sail by, expect the G30 5 Series to peel away its camouflage bit by bit – we’ll be able to form a more solid conclusion on its final outlook there and then. So while the new car may not be that much of a jump in terms of its styling, the brunt of the changes are expected to feature under the skin.

For starters, the G30 BMW 5 Series will ride on the marque’s CLAR platform (formerly known as 35up) which utilises a mixture of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), aluminium and magnesium in its construction – the result is an estimated weight loss of around 80 to 100 kg. Under the bonnet, expect the marque’s B family of turbocharged engines (both diesel and petrol) to provide the required thrust.

Also, the G30 will most definitely feature a plug-in hybrid variant which is likely to adopt an identical setup currently in use in the BMW X5 xDrive40e. The M550xd, on the other hand, could employ an all-new quad turbo unit that is expected to premiere on the upcoming 2016 BMW 750d while the M5 could retain its turbocharged 4.4 litre V8 engine, albeit a significantly reworked mill.

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