It has to be something in the water tanks at Honda Motor Co – the Japanese carmaker has successfully exhausted its 2015 production run of 8,600 units for the Honda S660, according to Bloomberg. Furthermore, Honda has stated that the order books for the kei roadster were filled up right through to June.

If that doesn’t sound impressive, get this – the Honda S660 was unleashed into the Japanese market only at the start of this year. Elsewhere, its HR-V B-segment SUV is performing equally well on the sales chart but that’s another story for another day. So while it seems like the good people of Honda could be looking at an early vacation this year, here’s one odd problem the company is facing with its S660.

The Honda S660’s inability to attract buyers below the age of 40. That’s right, reports are in that four out of five buyers for the 1,980,000 yen (RM62,182) roadster are well over the age of 40 – a target audience that Honda was aiming for, apparently. In fact, statistics show that the average age for the S660 was that much higher than that of any other Honda model.


A vast majority of S660 owners were repeat customers with many of them opting for the roadster as a second car, according to Honda spokeswoman, Misato Fukushima. On the other hand, only one out of five customers who bought a Honda S2000 was aged over 40. Put the aforementioned stats together and one will be able to note that the S660 has somehow failed to lure in younger buyers.

“It will be a big challenge for Honda to lure younger buyers. If you compare the demographic feature and average income with 20 years ago, I would say the motivation for young people to buy such a car could be quite limited,” commented industry analyst, Yoshiaki Kawano.

Fukushima also added that the Japanese carmaker is confident that more younger buyers will eventually warm to the petite roadster. The marque is planning to reopen the order books for the S660 in October.