In a move that will probably infuriate Jaguar Land Rover even more, Landwind dealers in China are apparently now offering a range of aftermarket enhancements to make the X7 look even more like its not-so-distant cousin, the Range Rover Evoque.

Based on these pictures from CarNewsChina, there are a number of kits available that include a grille, which is available in silver, white or black, complete with ‘Land Rover’ badging to make this Chinese clone look nothing like a clone. These kits retail online on the infamous Chinese website, Taobao, from US$96 onwards. The site has sellers who are really open about the whole thing, and are quite ready to make a quick buck from selling these kits.

Discerning customers would definitely stay away from this vehicle, but for those who want to look the part, and not much else, the Landwind X7 would probably be their ride of choice.

Landwind X7

Range Rover Evoque