Honda’s UK division has commissioned some of our most favourite car commercials of all time, and it has now thrown us another one, this time for the new Honda HR-V that has just gone on sale in Blighty.

The 60-second spot follows a man who finds that his garage is too cluttered for his B-segment crossover, so he begins to rearrange the space piece-by-piece, finding new and ingenious ways to stow all his belongings and create just enough space for the HR-V to fit.

It’s neat little spot, going hand-in-hand with the car’s brilliant packaging solutions that, in our experience, make it feel bigger inside than the compact dimensions would lead you to believe. As a bonus, it also ties into the general theme used to promote the HR-V – that everything’s been done just right.

Over here, much like everywhere else in the world, the HR-V has been a huge hit – last we checked (July), Honda Malaysia amassed an astonishing 18,027 bookings and sold 7,374 units, with a waiting list stretching four to five months. Want to read why it’s such a runaway success? Read our review here.