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Shell Malaysia has announced Welcome to Shell, a reinvention programme that’s set to see improved service, hospitality and facilities being introduced at all Shell petrol stations nationwide. Due to be completed by 2017, the programme – which borrows cues from the hospitality industry – aims to significantly enhance customer satisfaction and experience at these facilities.

Malaysia is the first country in Asia to launch the transformation programme, which will include on-site hospitality training for the more than 8,000 service staff manning the entire network of Shell stations nationwide – conducted in phases, this is due to be completed by 2016.

The comprehensive training will include how to better interact with customers to make each and every visit a positive experience for the latter. The company says that customers can expect better, friendlier service the moment they enter the station – aside from improved levels of meet and greet, customers will also experience higher levels of service assistance from staff.

Friendliness is high on the interaction list. An online survey commissioned by the company indicated that having friendly store staff ranked very high on the list of what Malaysian consumers felt made for a better customer experience, with 95% of those surveyed placing an importance on that particular aspect.

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The local fuels retail division of the oil and gas supermajor will also be improving facilities at selected service stations from now until 2017. These will include upgrading suraus and toilets at these stations as well as the introduction of dedicated seating lounges with Wi-Fi connectivity and even device charging stations.

A number of existing Shell Select stores will also be revamped to a new retail design, and food and beverage choices are also set to be upped with the introduction of the company’s in-house deli2go brand, which will offer fresh brewed coffee and pastries baked on-location.

There’s also the Shell Servsquad, which is set to make its rounds in different locations around the peninsular in the coming months – team personnel will be going about performing civic-based activities and deploying acts of kindness to make drivers’ journeys better.