It has been a dark week for motorsports in general, especially with the passing of Justin Wilson, after being struck in the head by debris during the Verizon Indy Car series at Pocono in the US.

There seems to be a feeling that the motorsports fraternity needs to look into ways to provide better protection for drivers’ heads. Even the recent passing of Henry Surtees and Jules Bianchi could have been attributed to the same lack of protection.

There has been talk of having a fighter jet-style canopy, but concerns regarding its strength have brought this move into question. Also, the FIA believes drivers could get trapped in these cockpits in an event of an accident, so it doesn’t seem like it is going to get the nod for future development.

The FIA has already done tests on a fighter-jet style canopy, and it seems the cover could possibly shatter upon hitting debris, or it could launch debris into the air and cause a lot more danger to spectators too.

Anyhow, they are conducting more ‘closed cockpit’ tests next month, and a few more ideas have been mooted. There have been a host of ideas put forward, including having vertical blades with different heights in front of the cockpit, which can turn debris away, but also not hinder a driver from being extracted in any untoward incident.

But perhaps the craziest idea is from Mercedes. It is being called a ‘halo-style’ solution, which you can see in detail in the video above. With the locking mechanism, apparently it’s very ease to remove as well. The animation was done by Giorgio Piola for, and it’s really quite insightful in terms of what could be in store for Formula One in the future.