Fresh reports have surfaced regarding the German automaker’s flagship pick-up truck – the Volkswagen Amarok, it might be manufactured in somewhere in the Asia-Pacific region according to CarAdvice who spoke to Volkswagen Australia’s director of commercial vehicles, Carlos Santos recently.

“It’s definitely on their agenda. Not neccesarily Thailand, but somewhere in the Asian region, because this area the Asian Pacific area — is one of the next big, well already is, the next big growth area,” Santos said. Should the idea be put into motion, we might eventually see the Amarok arriving here on our shores.

Volkswagen’s pick-up truck is currently built at its plant in Pacheco, Argentina and Hanover in Germany. Should it a manufacturing base be established in the region of South East Asia, production and transportation costs will be lowered substantially, which would in turn lower the overall price of Volkswagen’s pick-up truck.

Some years back, Andreas Muerer, communications director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also mentioned that the division was looking to expand into the ASEAN region – which consists of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

There was word previously that the plan was to build the Volkswagen Amarok in Vietnam, but there has been no update on the matter since.