Toyota Alphard Hercule Concept TMS-19

The thing you see before you is Toyota Auto Body’s Alphard Hercule Concept, which made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. It’s not just the exterior of the open-top reinterpretation of that familiar MPV that’s vivid, the accompanying press info on the vehicle is too.

‘Imagine that you are sipping champagne with your friends while enjoying the pleasant sea breeze as you drive towards a yacht harbour in southern Europe. This open cruiser is equipped with a sophisticated interior space that is filled with a sense of openness and freedom that is perfectly suited to a holiday such as this.’

Quite the opening descriptor for the five-seater, which measures 5,265 mm long, 1,850 mm wide and 1,960 mm tall. Plenty of striking bits to be had – there’s that nose, which isn’t exactly subtle to say the least, but the standout surely has to be the large retractable soft top, the aperture starting from behind the front row seats right up to the tail.

Toyota Auto Body says the large front grille and retractable roof give the Alphard Hercule the feel of a marine cruiser, and there’s also an explanation for the azure body graphics running across the entire side of the car – yes, it’s all winds and waves with this one.

The marine theme continues on inside, the design of the primarily white interior aiming to give occupants the feeling of being in a yacht cabin – there’s a lounge sofa in place of the rear-most seats, complete with a fold-away low table and champagne bottle storage space as well as floor panelling that mimics hardwood flooring.

As for the Hercule moniker, TAB says that the study is named after Port Hercule, a yacht harbour in Monaco as well as Hercules. Yes, with this one, you’ll be sailing on in strong and striking style.