Honda HR-V Drive Langkawi 42

What have Malaysians been searching for via Google? The search engine compiles these searches and comes up with an annual ‘Zeitgeist’ for Malaysia at the end of each year, and the list is categorised as well. People (the late Lee Kuan Yew tops the list), financial terms (1 USD to MYR, the obvious concern) and movies (Fast & Furious 7) are among the categories listed, but of our interest here is “Car Models”.

Just a note on “trending”, which means that a search term saw the largest increase in the amount of searches over the past year, not to be confused with “most searched for”. Because of this, trending lists are likely to be dominated by newly-launched cars or cars that have suddenly generated high interest. Here’s the Top 10:

  1. Honda HR-V
  2. Lykan Hypersport
  3. Perodua Axia
  4. Honda Civic
  5. Proton Iriz
  6. Proton Perdana 2016
  7. Pajero Sport
  8. Honda City 2015
  9. Honda Civic 2016
  10. Audi S8

No big surprise on the Honda HR-V topping the list and the Perodua Axia right up there – both have been bright spots in a slow auto market and have been record breaking models for their respective companies. Splitting the two is the Lykan Hypersport, which is of course up there due to its cameo in Fast & Furious 7, which topped the movie category.

The new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV and Audi S8 (hero of Transporter Refueled) are surprise entries

Honda is a company on form, and terms like “Honda Civic”, “Honda City 2015” and “Honda Civic 2016” are also in the top-10 list. Of course, Proton is represented as well, and “Proton Iriz” takes the fifth spot, ahead of “Proton Perdana 2016”, an upcoming model that has been teased, spied and confirmed for 2016. A Proton topped the list in 2012 and 2013, but Perodua’s Axia beat the Iriz to top spot last year.

Besides the above, “Pajero Sport” is in seventh and “Audi S8” is in tenth. The former refers either to the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, which is no longer a Triton with a canopy, or the DUKE Pajero Sport-Myvi accident that shocked the nation in May. Why is the Audi S8 there? It was the star of the The Transporter Refueled movie.