Yet again we’ve received a fresh set of images of the G01 BMW X3. This time round, it’s back on snowy roads. That said, while it’s still cloaked up quite heavily in a swirly wrap, the exposed front lip is closer to the one we saw more recently on European roads.

Although not much can be said of the exterior, overall, the next-generation X3 appears to be a tad longer but less squarish than the current SUV it will replace. A slightly larger kidney grille, more angled A-pillars and a sloping roofline are some of the noticeable changes, while “L-shaped” rear lamps are a probable addition.

Reports suggests that the new X3 will continue on with a five-seat configuration, with the seven-seat layout reserved for the bigger X5 and 2 Series Gran Tourer MPV. That said, adding a pair of short-distance seats would see it match the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Underpinning the G01 BMW X3 will be the same (basic) platform as the G11 BMW 7 Series. The modular rear-wheel drive platform, better know as Cluster Architecture (CLAR) utilises modern materials to keep the weight of the vehicle down. So, the next-gen SUV is likely to come out leaner than before.

Power options will include the company’s usual range of BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol and diesel engines, perhaps with minor updates when they arrive to the market. Transmission pairings will possibly see a six-speed manual and an eight-speed auto gearbox, as to be expected of a modern BMW.

A plug-in hybrid with a 50 km range is also said to be coming. The hybrid will have an electric motor that produces 90 hp, for a total of 330 hp when combined with a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine.