Embroiled in a dieselgate saga that continues to tear at his company’s reputation and financial situation, Volkswagen Group CEO, Matthias Mueller, has urged European authorities to improve its emissions tests.

According to Automotive News Europe, the CEO believes that the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), which all European vehicles are subjected to, doesn’t correctly depict real-world emissions and consumption figures. Mueller has called for a more accurate system that would close the gap between laboratory and real-world results.

“The industry-wide discrepancies between official test results and actual usage is no longer tolerable. We, the industry, need to take a new path,” said Mueller. In a ground-breaking development, PSA Peugeot Citroen announced last October (2015) that it will be publishing fuel economy figures for its “main vehicles” based on actual real-world testing conditions.

Volkswagen Tiguan-07

One such possible solution for Europe has been identified as Emissions Analytics’ on-the-road testing programme, which is said to closely match real-world tests. The planned World Light Test Procedure (WLTP), developed under the workings of the UNECE WP29 forum, targets a more realistic representation of fuel economy and pollutant/CO2 emissions.

As previously reported, Volkswagen itself has openly admitted to illegally manipulating its vehicles’ performance in official tests. Under the previous stewardship of former CEO Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen has been found guilty of using cheating software and hardware in several of its diesel-powered vehicles to falsify emissions claims across the globe.

This week, it has been confirmed by the company’s new CEO that it will begin recalls for some 8.5 million vehicles in Europe. The new Volkswagen boss, busy trying to rectify the company’s global image, has also pledged to make Volkswagen more environmentally-friendly.