Uber is now in Ipoh, the fourth city in Malaysia that the private driver app service is operating in. The company, which is fast expanding despite opposition from certain quarters, has announced that Uber cars will be available in Perak’s capital city from February 1 to 28.

“We know that many of you will be travelling back to your hometowns over this period, and Uber is here to provide you with a smarter mobility option, and alleviate the increased burden of congestion, parking and also reducing the risk of drink driving incidents,” said Uber in a statement.


“Uber’s goal is to provide safe, affordable, reliable transportation at the push of a button, everywhere for everyone. This is true not just in the bustling city centre of our nation’s capital, but also in suburban areas and smaller cities which lack a formal public transit infrastructure and which have for decades been underserved by existing transportation options,” it added.

The fares are listed above. Uber cautions that availability may be limited initially and waits might be longer than usual as the service is just hitting the streets in Ipoh. Take me to Kong Heng, please.