Subaru XV Concept teaser

The Subaru XV Concept will debut at the upcoming 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. A single teaser image has been released, showing an aggressively-styled front end with chunky front bumper and wheelarch extensions. Plenty of red highlights are also present.

This will be a follow up to the two Subaru Impreza Concepts shown at the Tokyo (5-Door) and LA (Sedan) shows last year. The family resemblance between the trio is clear to see, which is no surprise, considering how closely tied the current XV and Impreza models are.

If you think it’s rather early for Subaru to show a preview of the next-generation XV, well, you’re not wrong. The facelifted version of the current model made its Malaysian debut just last month, and will only go on sale in the UK this month. The original version made its global debut in late 2011, less than five years ago.

It’s safe to say, then, that the production version of the second-generation Subaru XV won’t be due anytime soon. Question is, will it look anything like the concept shown here?

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