The impending market release of the 2016 BMW Motorrad G310R is getting closer, although everyone at Motorrad is tight-lipped about pricing and release dates. Close-up pics taken at the 37th Bangkok motor show, running till third April, show what seems to be pretty much a market-ready model.

Coming with a 313 cc liquid-cooled single cylinder that pumps out 34 hp and 28 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm, the G310R represents BMW Motorrad’s re-entry into the small commuter bike market since the R27 of the sixties. The cylinder orientation is reversed, putting the intake facing forward. This lets the engine be tilted a little further forward to place weight over the front wheel, while giving the exhaust a straight path to the rear.

Design touches noted in the gallery pictures include a pair of cut-outs on the rear-seat grab-handles, perhaps a convenient hooking point for bungee cords, or maybe mounting points for a pair of rear panniers. Conspicuous by its absence are LED indicators, indicating the G310R may have been built to a very tight price point.

Cockpit controls are basic, with a standard tubular handlebar, while being cheap to manufacture, is also cheap to replace, a useful touch considering that the potential market for the G310R will likely be young and new riders. The brake fluid reservoir seems a touch small, and with a tall form-factor, stepping away from the low, slim brake reservoirs found on most bikes in this class.

Weighing in at 158 kg, and with ABS as standard, the G310R is designed by BMW to be marketed world-wide, meaning that there may not be market-specific variants in terms of 250 cc engines to meet local licensing requirements. BMW Motorrad Malaysia has also been silent on any news about the 2016 G310R, so it’s a matter of playing the waiting game now.