Honda Civic New vs Old 1

You’ve read what we think about the new 2016 Honda Civic vis-à-vis the outgoing Civic and Japanese rivals such as the Toyota Corolla Altis and Mazda 3, so there’s no point beating around the bush here – the Civic is back on form, and this new car is an all-rounder that will re-energise the C-segment.

The FC is an improvement over the underwhelming ninth-gen Civic FB in all areas, but in no other department is the difference so stark as in design – as captured in our latest New vs Old gallery.

First, the new car is significantly larger. The FC, at 4,630 mm long and 1,799 mm wide, is a 105 mm lengthier and 44 mm wider than the FB. The larger footprint is coupled with a 19 mm reduction in height (1,416 mm) for a sleek appearance. The wheelbase – cut by 30 mm from FD to FB – is (almost) back to where it was, at 2,698 mm.

Honda Civic New vs Old 5

The FB is an evolution of the revolutionary FD, carrying over the eighth-gen car’s radical monoform shape and dual-tier cabin, although the original concept was better executed. Like the FD in 2006, today’s Civic boasts a shape that’s new in the market, never mind the segment. Fastback-style, with a sloping roof and sculptured panels – it’s quite a sight and really eye-catching from certain angles.

We’ll let this gallery – FC vs FB with Chiang Mai’s iconic Tha Phae Gate as background – do the rest of the talking. The Civic will be launched in Malaysia very soon, and is now open for booking.

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