traffic jam bernama

The Magistrate Court has fined 20 road users between RM1,000 and RM2,000 for abusing the emergency lane on KM 222 of the North-South Highway on May 22. The accused were made up of 16 men and four women, aged between 23 and 65 years.

The fined parties were charged under Section 53(1) of the Road Traffic Rules 1959, and be punished under Section 119 (2) of the Road Transport Act 1987, which brings a maximum fine of 2,000 or imprisonment of six months, or both.

Among the pleas recorded from the accused include wanting to arrive at their destination quicker, skipping the traffic jam, desperate need to go to a bathroom, sick family member, car problems and not knowing about emergency lane usage laws.

“If everyone didn’t use the emergency lane, help will be able to arrive quickly, and vehicles involved in the accident can be removed promptly, resolving any traffic issues,” said Magistrate Nor Azizah Yusof in a report by Bernama.

“The actions of these individuals resulted in emergency services arriving late. They should have considered those who needed help urgently, and not just on reaching their destination quickly. If they were the family members of the accident victims, they would certainly be angry,” she added.