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The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released new vehicle sales data for the month of June 2016, sorted by brand. While May only saw a marginal increase from the month prior, the more encouraging figures seen in June are likely a result of the numerous Hari Raya deals offered by manufacturers.

For a short recap, 50,981 passenger vehicles and 6,377 commercial vehicles were sold in June, totalling 57,358 units. That last figure represents a jump of 29.5% or 13,175 units from April 2016, although compared to in 2015, is just slightly lower by 78 units. Meanwhile, year-to-date sales amounted to just 279,459 units, trailing 13.28% behind last year’s 322,254 units.

As in the previous month, Perodua continues to occupy the top spot for June 2016, selling 20,044 cars, an increase of 4,797 units (around 31.5% up). Proton also experienced an increase in sales for the month, shifting 6,961 cars, which is 1,897 units more than in May (around 37.4% up). In terms of year-to-date sales, Perodua has shifted 77,326 cars, while Proton sold 28,766 cars.

Moving on, Honda managed to retake its position as the top-selling carmaker in the non-national segment from Toyota (in May) by selling 9,254 cars in June. This represents a hike of 3,595 units or around 63.5%, which sees its year-to-date sales increase to 39,654 units, good for second place overall, above Proton.

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Speaking of Toyota, the carmaker managed to deliver 6,803 cars in June, which is just 158 units shy of Proton’s sales. Additionally, the figure represents a marginal increase of 662 units or around 10.8% compared to May, bringing Toyota’s year-to-date sales up to 27,249 units. Just below it, sits Nissan in fifth place, with 4,254 cars sold, up by 1,148 units or around 37%. Mazda takes the seventh spot with 1,295 cars sold, just 101 units or 8.4% more than the previous month.

In the premium segment, Mercedes-Benz remains the class leader, selling 106 more cars (or around 9.4) in June with 1,234 units. BMW also saw a sales increase, albeit a marginal one, with 760 cars, or 35 more than in the previous month.

Other car companies that saw an increase in sales include Ford (+32%), Hyundai (+37%), Subaru (+81%), Volvo (+126.7%) and Renault (+11.6%). Conversely, brands like Volkswagen (-54.8%), MINI (-1.28%), Audi (-40.2%) and Mitsubishi (-7.8%) experienced a dip in sales when compared to the previous month.

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