Here’s the first proper look at the next-generation BMW 5 Series, which will be officially unveiled tomorrow. These official-looking images of the G30 are from Germancarforum via Carscoops.

Looking a lot like a smaller and more athletic version of the current 7 Series, the new 5 Series retains a largely familiar shape with updated elements. The rear end isn’t far from the F10’s, but there are revised tail lamps that – as pointed out by many yesterday – look like those on the Honda City, especially at the wraparound area. Then again, “looks like BMW” was the comment by many when the City first came out.

A straight belt line and a “hockey stick” underlining the doors (as on the 7) are the only features on a clean profile. There’s a bolder, sportier face in front, even if you discount the more aggressive M Sport front/rear bumpers on this car.

Inside, the G30 follows the “mini 7” theme too, although the dashboard appears to have a sportier presentation and orientation – note the sharper angle at which the centre console faces the driver. Many of the elements that are silver in the limo are black in this cabin, which is updated yet familiar. There’s a new steering wheel in place. The top spec audio system is a Bowers & Wilkins unit with glowing speakers and tweeters.

Previous teasers have showed the executive car’s Remote 3D View feature, as well as the semi-autonomous Steering and Lane Control Assist system. More details of the new G30 BMW 5 Series can be found here. What do you think?