liow tiong lai

It appears some confusion has arisen regarding Singapore’s plan to raise its road charge for Malaysians to enter the republic, with Malaysian transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai saying he was unaware of any such move.

According to Bernama, Liow said that he had not heard anything about Singapore raising its charge – reportedly being prepared to match Malaysia’s recent implementation of a RM20 road charge at its two land entry points to Johor – even though both countries have been exchanging their views on the matter from time to time.

“Singapore to raise their road charge? No…they never said this to me. Singapore had implemented their road change a long time ago, we are only about to start now,” he said. “We already informed them one year ago. This is an ongoing bilateral issue, they understand this issue, so no surprise for them.”

Last week, the national news agency reported that the island nation would match Malaysia’s road charge “in some form,” with its ministry of transport stating that the fee was “discriminatory against Singapore-registered vehicles as it is only applied at the Singapore checkpoints.”

johor causeway jam bernama pix

Liow responded by saying that the Malaysian government had never practised discrimination in implementing a road charge for foreign-registered vehicles from Singapore entering Malaysia, and it would implement the charge at entry points from other countries in phases.

“There is no discrimination. We will impose the road charge not only at our border with Singapore, but also our borders with Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia with a similar charge of RM20 per car,” he said.

Liow also mentioned that the road charge, which was implemented on November 1, was progressing smoothly – an average of 20,000 Singapore-registered vehicles enter Malaysia daily through the Causeway and the Second Link.