Thailand Sadao Checkpoint

Following the start of a road charge (RC) being imposed on Singaporean vehicles entering the country, the government says that all foreign private-registered vehicles entering Malaysia from the Thai border will also be subjected to a RC, Bernama reports.

First mooted in 2014, the RC for Thai vehicles will begin by the end of next year. According to deputy transport minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, the move to expand the RC to cover Thai-registered vehicles is part of efforts to enhance security. He said that the move would help in curbing cross-border crime, especially those involving clone car syndicates.

The RC for Singaporean vehicles began on November 1. Drivers of Singapore-registered cars entering Johor either via the Causeway or the Second Link have to pay a RM20 fee on top of checkpoint toll charges imposed by both Malaysia and Singapore. With the new charge, a round trip for a Singapore-registered car entering Johor now incurs over S$19 (RM57) in fees.

Abdul Aziz said the RC to be imposed on foreign private registered vehicles coming in from Thailand will also be RM20. He added that since November 1, the government had collected RM300,000 in RC fees from Singaporean vehicles.