Proton has signed its latest agreement approving dealers for upgrades to 3S and 4S status. Of the 12 that signed up, six of them are new to the Proton fold, including two in Sabah.

The new dealers include Victorange, Fook Loi Corporation, Ming Heng, Grand Arena Automotive and YS Autoworld. Fook Loi Cooperation group executive director Thomas Chiu said that he had always believed in the ability of the national carmaker to “conquer the market once again,” so much so that he invested in not one, but two outlets – a 4S centre in Kota Kinabalu and a 3S centre in Sandakan.

“We have always been positive that Proton has the potential to grow big. We are happy that Proton has accepted our investment commitment. For the moment, we really look forward to more business collaboration and hope that efforts to this end will be successful.

“With Geely partnering Proton, the potential for Proton to grow looks even more promising. Geely, with its technologically inclined line-up of cars, together with strong sales and service platform of new Proton road map, I am optimistic Proton will be able to re-brand itself as a competitive player in the market,” said Chiu.

Ming Heng Motor CEO Eric Lee highlighted the importance of customer satisfaction, saying, “To be in a business for long-term, putting customers’ needs as a priority will go a long way. These customers will be the ones who will recommend others about your brand if they are treated with honesty, professionalism and integrity. A brand is only as big as how satisfied and happy its customers are. Naturally, operating a one-stop centre will provide the kind of convenience customers need.”

A further six dealers are existing outlets upgrading to 3S and 4S centres, with an enhanced look inside and out to ensure a smooth customer experience. This includes the new light blue corporate identity, which has already been adopted by a number of new and upgraded dealerships.

Tian Siang Deluxe Auto managing director Steven Tan said, “Changing public perception towards Proton begins at outlet level. One of the most obvious ways is to enhance the façade. What is important next is the delivery of good sales and after-sales which the public can feel and experience. To do this, we need to operate as a one-stop centre. Eventually our goal is to ensure customers are happy and satisfied with the services they get. Happy and satisfied customers are the ones who will give us repeat business.”

Proton said that so far, it has approved 93 outlets for the 3S and 4S centre upgrades, which is 85% of its target of 109 by October this year. The national carmaker claims that it is confident in securing the remaining 16 outlets within this period.

“All our plans are on track with most states having fulfilled its quota for outlet upgrades except for 5 states which are Melaka, Johor, Terengganu, Perak and Central. However, the numbers are small. We are confident, even before October, we should be able to realise the total of 109 outlets,” said Proton Edar CEO Abdul Rashid Musa.

“Moreover, I am satisfied with the developments that are ongoing at Proton outlets. More and more are
upgrading and enhancing their outlets to provide better sales and service experience. I believe, the investment they make today will reap returns in the long term. The new and upgraded outlets will set the pace for others who are keen on selling future Proton models, starting with the much-anticipated SUV.”