Last year in June, Alfa Romeo announced the exciting return of the GTV nameplate, a performance-oriented two-door coupe that seats four and features a 50:50 weight distribution. It seems like the Italian automaker is keeping to its words – the photo above was reportedly leaked online from an Alfa Romeo event, and it’s clearly not looking like a two-door Giulia.

According to Club Alfa, the new GTV (short for Gran Turismo Veloce) may only be unveiled in 2021 as a concept, before production begins in the following year. Not much is known of the car, save for the fact that it will be underpinned by the Giorgio modular platform – the Giulia and Stelvio models also share the same platform.

As for performance, the top GTV is said to pack well over 600 horsepower, derived from the existing 2.9 litre twin-turbocharged petrol V6 engine, plus additional boost from an electric motor. It’s said that the hybrid system can provide up to 50 km of pure electric range, and that suggests that the GTV could be a plug-in hybrid. All-wheel drive with torque vectoring could be standard as well.

Elsewhere, Alfa Romeo plans to equip all upcoming models with up to Level 3 autonomy and connected systems. Club Alfa also said the GTV could be produced at Fiat Chrysler’s plant in Cassino, Italy, since the new coupe will have much in common with the Giulia. At launch, the Alfa Romeo GTV will take on formidable rivals in the form of the BMW M4, Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe, and Audi RS5.