The latest Honda City is getting plenty of attention from tuners in Thailand, with NKSDesign revealing two body kits for the B-segment sedan that are inspired by performance models in Honda’s line-up.

At first glance, it’s obvious where the company got its inspiration, as the kits attempt to mimic the look of the current NSX as well as the pre-facelift FK8 Civic Type R. With the “City NSX” look, you’re getting a new “winged” front bumper that comes with a lower splitter and matching side skirts.

Meanwhile, the rear bumper sports a diffuser with the same number of fins as the NSX, and similarities even extend to the trapezoidal-shaped exhaust. Completing the kit is a prominent GT wing on the rear boot, which isn’t what you’ll find on the hybrid sports car.

If the first option isn’t your cup of tea, how about the “City Type R?” This kit is as you’d expect, with new front and rear bumpers that are pretty much carbon copies of those found on the hot hatch, complete with large faux inlets in the corners, with the rear also featuring the triple-outlet exhaust and large wing.

Of course, NKSDesign isn’t the only one providing body kits for the GN1 City, as NKGarage has previously rolled out a series of carbon-fibre parts for the model that don’t attempt to “copy” Honda’s hardest-hitting cars. There’s also the OEM route, with a range of Modulo parts developed and sold by Honda Thailand.

These add-ons merely improve the aesthetics of the sedan, as the P10A2 1.0 litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine continues to make 122 PS and 173 Nm of torque, driving the front wheels via a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with seven virtual speeds. The mill features VTEC on the intake side of the engine, and differs from the L15B7 1.5 litre turbo unit used in the Civic that uses Variable Timing Control (VTC) on both the intake and exhaust.