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  • BMW_F01_2

    A collection of new BMW 7-Series videos

    For those who can’t get enough of the new BMW 7-Series whether it’s to ogle at it or bang its designers or just admire the new technologies BMW has put into the 7-Series and hope […]


  • New_7-Series_Sketch_1

    New BMW 7-Series Concept Sketches

    Click to enlarge As expected after the leak earlier this week, BMW has released full details and photos on the new BMW 7-Series. A full post on the all new car is coming up soon, […]


  • iDrive_Screen_MY

    Next generation BMW iDrive upgrades revealed!

    Some details has surfaced on the internet about the next generation BMW iDrive. First is something that has been already implemented on new 2009 European BMW models. These models will be getting hard drive based […]


  • BMW_M3_Coupe_Alpine_White_1

    BMW M GmbH 30th Anniversary

    Click to enlarge BMW M GmbH, the German automaker’s revered M division celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Coincidentally it also delivered its 300,000th M car to a customer this month, an alpine white BMW […]


  • BMW_GINA_1

    BMW GINA Light Visionary Model Concept

    Now this is an interesting concept… a car with no sheet metal skin. The 2-seater BMW GINA’s dodgy name actually stands for “Geometry and functions In N Adaptations”, with N adaptations referring to the flexible […]