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  • Marchionne spins off Dodge Ram business as RAM

    Chrysler has decided to grab the axe and split Dodge right in half, severing the ties between Dodge’s Ram truck business and the rest of the company that makes passenger vehicles. Apparently this will allow […]


  • Chrysler to use Fiat engines, ends GEMA alliance

    The GEMA alliance has ended this month. GEMA stands for Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance, and was a joint venture between Mitsubishi, Chrysler and Hyundai-Kia to develop a family of 4-cylinder engines. There are currently three […]


  • Lawyers request show direness of Chrysler situation

    Chrysler’s financial situation may be worse than anyone had thought. Their bankruptcy plan involves selling its healthy operations to “New Chrysler”, a company owned by the worker union trust, Fiat, and the Canadian and US […]


  • Fiat-Chrysler now interested in GM Europe

    GM Europe’s Insignia has been getting good reviews Well, the conditions for Fiat to take up a stake with the now bankrupt Chrysler has been fulfilled, and Fiat has been quick to look to something […]


  • chrysler-fiat-business-plan

    Chrysler and Fiat model synergy plan

    Click for enlarged version Chrysler has unveiled their business restructuring plan for submission to the US government in order to quality for the rest of their bailout money. The total money asked for us now […]


  • Dodge_Hornet

    Nissan and Chrysler cancel 2 joint car projects

    Scrapped small car project could have been the Dodge Hornet Chrysler and Nissan originally planned to expand their current cooperation of marketing the Nissan Versa in South America as the Dodge Trazo with another two […]


  • dodge-caliber-srt4

    Chrysler and Fiat unveil platform-sharing line-up

    After the marriage and the short “family planning” course, Fiat and Chrysler have unveiled details on their new American family. 7 new cars will make their way into the US market, four with Chrysler brands […]


  • terminator-salvation

    Chrysler to sponsor Terminator Salvation movie

    Not wanting to lose out on the latest fad of automobile manufacturers sponsoring movie franchises, Chrysler has announced it will be sponsoring the new Terminator 4: Salvation movie, which will see Chrysler cars being product […]