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  • New_Fiat_500_Abarth

    Fiat 500 Abarth initial details

    Click to enlarge The first details on the upcoming Fiat 500 Abarth have been revealed, and it looks like the MINI Cooper S has a new competitor, although the 500’s 135 horsepower figure and over-8 […]


  • jaguar_logo_left2

    Fiat happy about Tata’s Jaguar/Land Rover buy

    Tata is inching very closely to acquiring Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motor Company, and everyone is already assuming the two companies are in Tata’s hands, in a deal that analysts have pegged at […]


  • smallfiatlogo3

    Fiat’s DDC dual clutch to debut in September 2009

    Fiat Group Automobiles has announced that they will unveil its first dual-clutch gearbox in September 2009. The gearbox will be designed and built by Fiat Powertrain Technologies at an investment of 500 million euros. The […]


  • Fiat_Bravo_Diesel

    Fiat Bravo gets new 1.6 Multijet diesel variant

    The Fiat Bravo now has two new engine options, a 105 horsepower turbodiesel and a 120 horsepower turbodiesel – both 1.6 litre Fiat Multijet 16v engines in different states of tune. The new 120 horsepower […]


  • A-Class_34_Rear

    Daimler and Fiat end platform-sharing talks

    Talks between Daimler and Fiat on a possible platform-sharing venture have ended with no positive results. It seems that during the talks, Daimler found out that a platform-sharing cooperation with Fiat would not be as […]


  • Grande_Punto_Abarth_SS_1

    Fiat Grande Punto Abarth SS

    Fiat will be showing off it’s Fiat Grande Punto Abarth “esse-esse” (Super Sport, or SS) prototype at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. The SS tuning kit boosts power of the basic Abarth up to 180 […]


  • xf11

    Ford might sell Jaguar and Land Rover

    The latest whispers being passed around dinner tables in the automotive industry are that Jaguar and Land Rover are currently on the table, and potential buyers are Fiat. It seems that talks started in February […]