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  • Mercedes-S600-Pullmann-001

    SPIED: W222 Mercedes S-Class extended wheelbase

    The short-lived Rolls-Royce-rivalling Maybach project is no more, to be replaced by the W222-based Mercedes S 600 Pullman you see here. Pitching a pimped-up but outdated S-Class platform against the bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom clearly didn’t […]


  • maybach 1

    Maybach comes to an end

    Like the Zeppelin dirigibles the company’s engines powered early last century, Maybach has sailed off into the sunset. Daimler has officially pulled the plug on the the brand, which it revived in 1997. Last November, […]


  • Maybach_Landaulet_8

    Maybach Landaulet Concept Video

    You’ve seen photos and text on what the Maybach Landaulet is all about, but here’s a video allowing you to see the semi-open top luxury barge in motion. Check out the video after the jump. […]


  • Maybach_Landaulet_1

    Maybach Landaulet Concept

    Some of you may be wondering what exactly a Landaulet is. Its basically a term for a simulated convertible, carried over from the days of carriage coachbuilding. Basically, a simulated convertible landaulet has fixed roof […]