• Lexus studying possibility of compact SUV

    Toyota is currently evaluating the possibility of a small Lexus SUV-like vehicle, despite earlier stands that a compact vehicle would diminish the Lexus brand and overlap with Toyota-badged vehicles. “A small Lexus SUV could be […]


  • Bosch to start turbocharger business with Mahle

    With the trend of engines moving towards smaller displacement engines with forced induction, we are looking at more companies entering the turbocharger business currently dominated by Garrett (Honeywell), Borgwarner, and IHI, of whom in total […]


  • Facelifted 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse at Chicago 08

    The facelifted Mitsubishi Galant will be joined at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show by its sportier sibling the fourth generation Mitsubishi Eclipse which also receives a mid-life facelift. The new facelift features a new front […]


  • 2009 USDM Mitsubishi Galant Facelift Revealed

    Everyone’s waiting for the next generation full model change Mitsubishi Galant that was previewed as the Mitsubishi Concept-cX to arrive, but Mitsubishi decided to facelift the current Mitsubishi Galant in the American domestic market anyway. […]


  • Hummer H3T Video

    You will find after the jump a video of the Hummer H3T pick-up truck crossing some snow… and uh, basically that’s it. A rather unexciting video of something that looks as mean as a Hummer. […]



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